Category: Dogs

How To Train Your Pet Dog Not To Chew

The canine needs to then be supplied with among its preferred toys. When it selects up and starts to chew its toy, applaud the pet thoroughly. This will assist to teach the pet that...


Do You Know Your Pet?

Dogs thrive on positive direction and are extremely social animals. Over the years, the breeds have been protected and perfected. The outcome is a breed who have a deep foundation within the respectful human...


3 easy to teach dog tricks

To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you need to have some small reward treats, be in a quiet suitable place and keep the training sessions to 10 – 15 minutes or your...


Rottweiler Historic Truths

Rottweilers had another historical task besides driving livestock to the butcher. You see, like their Swiss cousins, Rottweilers are drovers that were likewise utilized as draft pet dogs for centuries. While the primary task...


Camping with Your Dogs – Ten Commandments

CAMPING WITH DOGS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS In the U.S. alone, more than 30 million people each year take their pets with them while camping. Yet, when we first started RVing with our dogs, we...


Boxer Dogs: Ten Things You May Not Know About Them

Boxer Dogs: Ten Things You May Not Know About Them Legend says when God was fashioning different breeds of dog out of clay, he came to his final task and decided to create the...


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