Dwarf Rabbits

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Dwarf rabbits are a type of domesticated pet that people seem to be very fond of. They originated from Europe but it didnt take long for breeders to start making money in the United States from the sale of them as well. Many people love the look and feel of a baby rabbit but then they are disappointed when they grow. However, dwarf rabbits wont end up weighing anymore than three pounds when they are full grown.

One of the problems identified with dwarf rabbits though is that they tend to become quite aggressive. They arent all friendly and lovable pets as people would like them to be. They tend to become more aggressive when they are stressed out. They do not do well with too much noise, too much handling, or new environments.

Many people that have dwarf rabbits train them as they would a cat. Instead of keeping them locked up in a cage they are free to roam around the home. They even use a litter box when they need to remove waste from their bodies. Most dwarf rabbits will get along well with other household pets such as dogs and cats. You do have to be careful with the introductory phase though or your dwarf rabbit could get eaten.

A dwarf rabbit can leave for several years as a pet if it is cared for properly. You do have to be careful with the diet as they will eat all day long if you let them. You also need to watch for signs of genetic problems, especially with their eyes. The amount of stress that a dwarf rabbit is exposed to will also affect the life span it has.

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Too many breeders try to pass of various types of rabbits as dwarfs when they arent. They are simply breeding regular rabbits with dwarfs an getting smaller sized rabbits. You need to pay attention to the various characteristics of the rabbit. It should feature a very small head and sit extremely low to the ground.

Only buy dwarf rabbits from reputable breeders that are known for offering quality rabbits. You want to be able to get papers on your rabbit you buy from them as well. Should your rabbit end up being very large in size you need to contact them and inform them that they did not sell you a true dwarf rabbit. Since these pets arent cheap you should pursue getting your money back.

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