How To Attract Birds With Window Bird Feeders

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One of the great things about having a backyard garden is all the birds that are attracted by the plants. If you don’t have enough space to have a garden in your backyard, there are still ways to attract birds. Window bird feeders are a great way to do this, even if you don’t have any yard space at all.

There are plenty of different sizes and styles of bird feeders, each designed for a different type of bird. You can also choose different types of food to attract different varieties of birds to your windowsill.

These feeders are usually made with a one-way mirror so you can see through it to watch the birds but they see a reflection so they’re not scared by having you watching them.

These feeders can be refilled quite easily from the window, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to refill them. This is especially useful if you live in an apartment or townhouse and are on an upper floor.

There are various ways to mount these bird feeders. Some have suction cups and stick to your window, others clip into the window frame. The ones that clip into the window frames are generally a better choice because they are a little more secure, but the suction cups used on birdfeeders are better than most, and it’s rare that they lose their grip.

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These birdfeeders are made from a number of different materials as well, the most common being cedar and polycarbonate plastic. They are both resistant to the weather, however cedar is nice because it can be painted or decorated however you wish.

Some birds are attracted to certain colors so if you want to attract a specific species, being able to paint your feeder is helpful.

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