Perfect Pet for Beginners

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The best idea for a childs first pet is to give him or her hamster. They are adorable and fuzzy little creatures but nonetheless appealing. No matter what the size of an animal is, they all could be used as a means of teaching the value of love. The importance of finding the perfect pet is the experience that a child undergoes in taking care of it.

Differentiate Hamsters from Gerbils

Hamsters are different from gerbils in two very important ways. First, hamsters are more inclined to be solitary and that means they ideally live alone. Syrian hamsters should not be placed in just one cage together with the others. They cannot share their domain to others without constant fighting. Although, the Chinese and Russian breeds are able to live in pairs or groups, it should be done while they are still at a young age. On the other hand, gerbils must live in groups so it will be so unkind if you keep only one as a pet. If this is the case, the gerbil will be lonesome and miserable. Unlike hamsters, gerbils relish the idea of companions. When in a group, they will most probably spend a big part of their time cleaning one another and commonly sleep curled up together.

First Step

Hamsters are generally trouble free. Their need for care is very basic yet still a good way for children to learn the importance of responsibility and elicits affection from them. Mostly, caring for these little ones entail minimal chores. Naturally like any other living creature they need fresh food, water, and adequate air on a regular basis. Feed them well and provide them with potable water.

See also  Caring Guide for Hamster Babies

A good thing about them is that they you will have no problems with pungent odors since they do not have very overwhelming smell. Compared to other animals, they do not shed as much. Despite of them being rodents, these tiny ones are fairly sanitary animals. But of course their cage would still require cleaning one to two times a week to maintain their cleanliness.

In order to tame a new hamster, offering those treats is an excellent approach. Initially, they tend to be timid and nervous but their curiosity would lead them to you. Reach out your hand slowly inside the coop and allow them some time to sniff you at least twice day before you could actually start holding them in your hands. Speak to them with a gentle voice. Be calm and patient in dealing with them. Soon, they will get used to your presence and will most likely start climbing onto your hand.

Another great thing about them is that they can be acquired at a minimum cost and caring expenses is not pricey. All you need to buy is an appropriate cage together with an exercise wheel for them. This is also the only thing that would produce a bit of noise. Not to worry though, hamsters will not stay on the wheel all night long and even that is really inconsequential so they are usually quiet. Overall, whenever a child asks for a pet it is highly suggested that hamsters should be given to them. This will serve as a perfect pet for starting up. Let the child take one step at a time. Once the childs capacity to take on the task is established and they become very dependable that will be the time when you can start pondering on other possible animals that are suitable as pets.

See also  Caring Guide for Hamster Babies

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