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A rabbit has been a traditional symbol of Easter. It is in this time when you could readily see them almost anywhere. These cute, huggable bunnies are being sold at the road side, parking lots, and in those pet shops. Putting them on display and making them look interesting is never a problem for merchants. The soft fur, twitchy nose, and pretty eyes are definitely hard to miss. In fact, any child who would look at them could never resist the rabbits charm. Because of this kids will not cease from bugging their parents to buy one for them and parents will have difficulty saying no since they themselves are besotted. Rabbits are truly adorable and their endearing nature makes them a perfect pet for kids.

Rabbits in History

These furry, little animals could be found in most regions of the world. They are able to survive in almost any sort of habitat. The domesticated rabbits we commonly see these days are descendants of wild ones coming from Europe. However, they are originally from the lands near the Mediterranean Sea.

During the ancient times, Romans raise rabbits not as pets but as food. They are a favorite because they are a good source of meat. They were kept outdoors in pens for them to proliferate and increase in number. In those times, wars were waging anywhere and since they were favored, Roman warriors and colonizers took rabbits with them to various parts of Europe. It has been that way until the coming of the Middle Ages during which French monks tamed wild rabbits and that started their domestication. It was in the sixteenth century when people began developing different breeds and kinds of domestic rabbits. To this day, the existing number of rabbit breeds is approximately fifty.

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Traits of a Rabbit

What makes rabbits as interesting and exceptional as pets is that they remind people of the essence of kindness, patience, and gentleness. All these are wonderful values most parents want their children to imbibe. Having them as pets would bring a child closer to nature. Through them, kids would learn to take the time in appreciating even the most miniature things in life.

They may seem to be cumbersome animals but dont be tricked by their charming appearance. Rabbits are much wiser that one think of them. Wild rabbits are being hunted by several numbers of predators which is mainly the reason why an evolution of traits occurred in order for them to survive. Even domestic rabbits possess this knack for survival. According to studies of animal behavior, rabbits in general have a 360 degree vision which allows them to see everything around them without even turning their heads. Sounds coming from various directions are picked up by the long ears that they have while the constantly wiggling nose are used in detecting and determining scents of both whom they see as enemies and friends.

Taking care of pet rabbits is quite easy and they are also trainable in the use of a litter box. Allow them some time to get used to the environment of your home and let them feel safe. After some time, they will have no qualms of playing with you. Be forewarned that they actually like to chew almost everything in sight. Be sure to keep those electrical wires from them. Feed them with carrots, apples, lettuce, and similar feeds.

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For those who are fond of gardening, having rabbits around would come handy. Their droppings actually make a good fertilizer. This might be reason enough for you to consider them as the perfect pet for your kids.

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